Turff Fiercefang

Canim Captain of Reaver's Pride


Str 23; Dex 18; Con 11; Int 16; Wis 17; Cha 14

Grey and silver fur is immaculately groomed. He clearly oozes self-assurance and ability. His grin holds little of the normal ferocity of his Canim heritage, yet there is no doubt he could likely bring it to bear, and his muscles are notably evident.


Captain Fiercefang of Reaver’s Pride is a follower of the Canim deity of Laudus the Bold. However rather than make some deal with a nation for a place for his people, like Garag Greymayne, Fiercefang found the order of ship’s captain to crew to be more appealing, and took to the open waters.

Fiercefang, despite his faith, did not find success in finding a vessel to captain, nor in learning the trade of sailing. It was not Laudus who answered, but Freyr, who in exchange for an unnamed service, gifted Fiercefang with a ship and the knowledge of sailing.

Turff Fiercefang

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