Pannan Silversgleaming

Travis's Former Half-Elf Merciful Healer


Str 12; Dex 13; Con 9; Int 16; Wis 20; Cha 17

Rugged good looks, wavy dark brown hair, and a chiseled jawline certainly make for a nice blend of elven and human looks. Beneath his white robes, perceptive eyes will note the presence of a chainmail shirt.


As a child, Pannan often had dreams of a figure he considered sisterly. A kind blonde-haired elf maiden whispered of people in need, and how she would help him, guide him, on a mission of mercy.

Of course, his parents, who were quite wealthy, knew of no such sister, but by consulting with more knowledgeable sources, they concluded he was having dreams of Luthwen.

Pannan never lost his opinion of Luthwen as a caring older sister, but now an adult, he hopes to share a culture of mercy, kindness, and of healing.

Campaign Start

Based on the suggestion of Ose Foehammer, Pannan was selected to join Kenjiro under the primary party leaders of Ose Foehammer and Vrinn, son of Thorfinn, in their quest to save the world.

He is aware he has been chosen on this mission by the group to heal, and he is quite satisfied with this position, particularly when he is healing Kenjiro.

Used the Coin-Anchor of Odin in the Pyramid Dungeon. It did wonders for his self-confidence.

Won’t heal undead, no matter how nicely you ask.

Has a fancy stick now. After the events revolving around Gneville Keepstone, decided to depart from the group. However, just before he left, he conducted a one-time special ritual (with the help of local priests to Kelemvor) to pass on all relevant experiences to his successor that would join the group in his place, specifically Niko Mondragon.

Pannan Silversgleaming

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