Merfolk Goddess of the Seas


Beaches, the Tides, the Moon, Music, sunlit waters, Merfolk

Her skin is the crystal blue of sunny waters, her hair depicted as the shade of a freshwater stream, or the rare deep purple of the sea during an eclipse.


She is the sister to Kaimaan.

In the beginning when the waters of the world were still, Kaimaan and Mira controlled the oceans and the seas. Yet as vast as the waters were, they could not make all the waters move, and without movement, the sea creatures failed to do more than barely survive. Corals need motion; fish need streams; the ocean needed tides.

Kaimaan went to the depths of the ocean where he tried to bring forth underwater geysers, and tried his great strength to begin the movements that could be tides. Yet it was for naught. Kaimaan came to the conclusion they would need help from another deity, and so Kaimaan told his sister to offer the greatest pearl of the ocean to the gods of the land and see if they would help.

So Mira journeyed up the rivers, and offered the great pearl to the gods of the land. Each god and goddess picked up the pearl, but after looking it over, the gods of the land said it was not enough, they would not be swayed. So Mira journeyed on. She asked many, gods of land and gods of sky, and all rejected her, and with each fondling of the pearl, the pearl seemed lessened in her eyes, as it became dusty, and dented with the strength of the gods that handled it.

Finally, weary, she began to sink to the depths once more, her arms outstretched, and Kaimaan thought she would die so tired did she seem. Yet even as she sank, a hand from the sky reached down, and plucked the orb from her, and with that touch Mira felt rested and whole. As the pearl moved skyward, it seemed to grow, and finally, as the day vanished into night, the pearl was placed into the heavens, as the moon.

“With this, a pact,” said the anonymous sky-god, “I have placed power in this gift, that it will give unto your seas and oceans: tides, that movement that you sought. And this gift will a promise between us, that you might flourish…” And the gods spoke and made oaths, and the world became whole.


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