Goddess of Healing


Healing, Duty, Mercy, Negotiation, Peace

Long blonde tresses shape a face of elven beauty. Her brown eyes are soft and kind.


The origins of Luthwen were a mystery, although it was known she was once a mortal heroine who eventually became a demigod.

As a demigod, she became of servant of Frigg, acting as her handmaiden. When a great evil from another plane led a battle against one of the cities holy to Freyr, Luthwen sacrificed herself to defeat it.

It is said the great god Phi Tow noted that Luthwen had specifically died saving children; that even with the city needed every warrior, Luthwen had preferred to sacrifice herself rather than arm those under the age of adulthood. Phi Tow made the decision that this made Luthwen worthy of being more than just a demigod, and that this death should not end her story. Phi Tow returned Luthwen to life and made Luthwen a goddess of healing and mercy, one notably outside of the traditional Norse Pantheon.


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