Laudus the Bold


Bravery, Canim, Civilization, Order, Storms, Winter

If you have ever imagined the solid blue of the sky encapsulated within ice, you would know the color of the energy that flows the eyes of Laudus the Bold. If you have gazed at the color of volcanic ash after it has darkened beneath the frozen tundra, then you know the shades of the fur of Laudus. If you have ever felt the charge of energy when you hear the tale of a hero’s triumph, the you have known the electric feel that his followers feel when they think of the storms of Laudus.


It is said that when the Canim were first born on this world, they were savages, little more than wolves with a human’s shape. They were predator in heritage, but without the sapience that could make them great. Yet there was no god or goddess that looked upon them with hope for more; indeed, the gods saw the Canim and thought them as a challenge for barbarians, or a scourge for hunters, but otherwise considered this race to be not worthy.

The great god Phi Tow was not so dismissive. Phi Tow, it is said, came to the conclusion that the Canim needed the guidance of a god to help them find purpose, so Phi Tow took the spark and shape of one of the Canim and molded it with a new purpose, gifting it with traits that both he and the Canim appreciated and would value. Laudus the Bold was born.

Laudus left the spiritual domain of Phi Tow to travel among the Canim, and he shared his spark with them, until he had touched each of them, and as he shared with the last pup, the Canim gained true sentience. Yet Laudus was not done. Laudus made a promise to his people that he would, on occasion, select one of them to help lead them further in becoming a greater people, one that could rival all the other races of the Material Plane, by bringing order to their ferocity, and by tempering their viciousness with bravery.


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