Audara Drovust

Lady Commander Audara Drovust


A tall athletic woman of 45 years, Audara Drovust rarely draws a sword herself these days.

She is known to be meticulous and efficient. She is an experienced general with a gift for engineering and logistics. She personally designed the defenses of Fort Inevitable and oversaw their construction.

Lady Audara doesn’t indulge in malice for its own sake, but she firmly believes it is the right and duty of the strong to govern the weak and order their lives efficiently.


Audara Drovust spent 30 years as a armiger, Hellknight, and field officer before ascending to command of the fort. She was part of the initial group of Hellknights that came to this town under Lord Varden. When Varden was assassinated last year, she took command and investigated the assassination. Within a month she rounded up 11 suspected conspirators who were supposedly plotting to overthrow the Hellknight regime. Some of the conspirators went to the gallows still protesting their innocence, but the Lady Commander hanged them anyway.

Since Lord Varden’s assassination, her rule has been untroubled. She works steadily to counter the widespread banditry in the area and guide the Fort in its continued growth.

Audara Drovust

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